HTTP Access denied to HTTPListener

I disable and enable my JDBC Adaptor BAM and now can not access to the IS, but in windows the service is started, and when i try to access by the web browser to http://localhost:5555 “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. but if i request the 8585 port, it work!

i don’t have idea, i check my firewall, but nothing!

somebody know wich is the issue here?

Try to access with http://localhost:9999. If you can’t access with both ports your IS is down. Check the folder C:\webMethods7\IntegrationServer, if there are a LOCKFILE delete it. Shut down your MWS and start all again in the following order:

  1. Oracle/MySQL
  2. Broker Monitor y Server
  3. Integration server
  4. My Web Methods Server
  5. Todo el resto

I suppose your database and your broker still up.


this no work, but, i see a file called: IdentifyInterprocessMutex.lock, maybe my problem have a relationship with this.

any other opinion?

Port 5555 is the IntegrationServer default, while 8585 is the MWS.

If you disable JDB adapter and cannot access IS, then check for error messages in the logs. This indicates the JVM has not crashed (As windows service remain started), but for some reason internal services from WmRoot are failing.

Of course if you access port 8585 its a different server and that’s why it works.

Get pointers by inspecting your server.log.

but, the IS log this:
HTTP Access denied. Connection disallowed
Access to HTTPListener@5555 from host was denied.

2010-03-09 15:25:50 VET [ISS.0014.0025C] Master password for outbound password encryption has expired. Password was last changed on 2009-11-17 15:35:54 VET. The current expiration interval is 90 days
2010-03-09 15:25:50 VET [ISS.0025.0025I] Broker Synchronizer initialized
2010-03-09 15:25:50 VET [ISS.0014.0002C] Initialization completed in 108 seconds.
2010-03-09 15:25:51 VET [ISS.0025.0016I] Config File Directory Saved
2010-03-09 15:25:52 VET [ISS.0070.0025I] Access to HTTPListener@5555 from host was denied.

Akki_84 post a answer for this… sorry and thanks!

this password expired log message is fixed, but the original error:
2010-03-09 17:16:32 VET [ISS.0070.0025I] Access to HTTPListener@5555 from host was denied.
2010-03-09 17:16:32 VET [ISP.0046.0007W] HTTP Access denied. Connection disallowed serverName/

continue happing.

thanks people, but i found the error:

I entered to the Integration Server Administrator port: 9999 and in the Security section click in Ports, then in the port admin table, select Edit in the column IP Access for 5555 row, now click the 3rd link: "Change IP Access Allow by Default ", and the job is done.

Port IP Access SettingsAccess TypeAllow by Default

*Note: The Deny List should be empty.