Our Oracle instance is on another machine, so what do we need to do to set it on the machine that has the JDBC adpater (using the OCI Driver)? (Copy /ORACLE_HOME/lib across from the machine that has it?)


The JDBC adapter uses JDBC drivers to connect with any resource. You need Oracle JDBC driver “classes12.zip” which can be downloaded from oracle based on the database version. Place the zip file in the machine where the adapter is installed.
If it is 4.x Enterprise JDBC adapter, you can keep it in any folder and specify the classpath in adapter settings. If it is 6.x, copy it to the /lib folder under IS home directory. Make sure the connection parameters are correctly mentioned.

May be I did not formulate my query very well.

First we are using the OCI JDBC Driver (which permits the BLOBs, et al).

Second, the use of the OCI driver requires - per the doc - the setting of the SHLIB_PATH=/ORACLE_HOME/lib. Which is a straight forward implementation IF the ORCALE_HOME was on the same machine as the IS/JDBC Adapter.

Our Oracle installation is on a totally different machine. Thus the machine that hosts the IS/JDBC Adapter does NOT have a ORACLE_HOME on it.

(I am familiar with wwhat you have proposed - that is out-of-the-documentation. However, much thanks for your effort. Apprciate your time too.

Also, I do have a back up plan to resolve it to meet my dead line. I was looking for a feasible alternative and thought I might as well ask the WEBM Bunch.)

I used to setup some softlink to oracle home in Unix machines to resolve from one adapter machine to another oracle mahine host. This is an unix level setup.Not sure if it is windows.

I am also facing the same problem while using oci driver. As our oracle 9i client is also not on same unix machine.
Unfortunately I do not have any backup plan to deal with this problem.
Any help is appreciated.

Folks, I don’t know how do this. But I am sure I manges to connect using an OCI oracle adapter to an instance hosted outside using som setup in Unix. You can check with your admins. I will try to get some more information.

If you didn’t have a requirement to use BLOBs, you can use the ‘thin’ driver. Then you don’t have to use OCI to connect.

However, if there is a need to use BLOBs, then you must use OCI. We have the DBAs install this locally, although a soft link might work. There may be some negative performance impacts, so I’d suggest getting it installed locally.

Also, If you’re using 6.1, and JVM 1.4 you should NOT be using classes12.zip. Oracle provides some updatd classes for JVM 1.4 that have better BLOB support. ojdbc14.zip

Hi Folks,

please consider upgrading your driver jars to the Oracle 10g version, which allows BLOBs and CLOBs over thin driver now. It will connect to any 8i or 9i databases as well (Backward Compatibility).

When using OCI you will need access to the tnsnames.ora, which is part of the Oracle Client (Net8) installation as well to the Oracle native libs.

We are currently using the actual 10g Thin Drivers with an 9i R2 database and it works fine, even the LOBs.

Concerning the driver jars and zips:
classes111.zip/jar: Use with JDK earlier 1.2
classes12.zip/jar: Use with JDK 1.2 and 1.3
ojdcb14.jar: Use with JDK 1.4


Great tips on the 10g drivers.
Also, if you have ONS (Oracle Name Server) in your environment you may not need to modify tnsnames.ora. ONS is like DNS for databases.

asingh, is this thread still open? If you found a solution, please post it.