How's NTTF internally works?

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In regards of my question, I would like to know where I can find documentation that talks about the internal way that NTTF (or TF parameters) works. My concern is if the use of this functionality could affect the performance because of the change of the DBID target. Also I would like to know If the Natural nucleus do the change of the DBID at the Adabas Control Block at once or Natural do this change for every time (in real time) before send the requirement to Adabas.

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When you are concerned about possible performance implications I’d say
measure the impact :wink:

Something like a GET in a loop a significant number of times without TF (do it
twice or better three times and calculate the average), then do the same GET
loops again with a TF active.

Note: TF can be set via USR2005N in SYSEXT as well.

Thank you Wolfgang for your recommendation!