How would I pass data from pipeline to a response header handler

We have modeled a web service with request and response soap headers.

The contents of the soap response header are derived in the integration layer (inside the flow/java services that get executed).

I need to pass the IData of the response header to the response handler so it can be added to messageContext and passed back to the client.

The header handler itself implements the specification, which means that I can only pass messageContext. When the control reaches the response header handler, the pipeline is empty.

Would I need to set the IData in the messageContext and then retrieve it from there using .getProperty before I set it as a response header?

The example in the sample package is very wimpy, it hard codes the response header. Who would want to hard code the response header when its contents depend on the integration code?

The web services documentation is scattered across several sources with no common thread running through. I have read, re-read and read it again, with no pointers on how to pass the pipeline contents.

If anyone has done this and can send some clues my way, I would highly appreciate it.

  • Hara

This issue was resolved. We did the following:

  1. Applied the latest core fix (we are on IS 7.1.2)
  2. Used the service pub.soap.handler:getProperty with the key “servicePipeline”

2 above makes the pipeline available, which we used to set the dynamically generated header in the response.

  • Hara