How webMethods configure to support RocketMQ

Hi all,
We want to use RocketMQ as Message Oriented Middleware.I read the webMethods document and perhaps need to configure the JNDI,but I don’t know the Predefined JNDI Template.Can anyone know how to configure,or any other ways to solve it .Thanks in advance.

Hi Lei,

if there is no predefined template for RocketMQ you will have to gather the required data manually.

You can try to derive one from an existing template like Weblogic.

Additionally you will have to place some RocketMQ-jars under IntegrationServer/lib/jars/custom and restart IS before you are able to connect to RocketMQ.

For the JNDI-Alias you willl need the following parameters:

  • ClassName for the InitialContextFactory class
  • Url where the RocketMQ-JNDI is located.
  • Authentication if neccessary