How very max length of characters/numerical chars?

Newbie here needs some help, that I’m sure is a simple matter to you experts.

What do I need to do in WM 6.1 developer in order to do the following:

  • Verify that a field contains a maximum of 14 characters
  • Verify that all the characters in this same field are numerical

If the above criteria is met, assign the field to a variable.
If any of the above criteria is not met, assign a null value to a variable.


There are lots of great services in this document, including:

and many more!

You could get the length of the variable and compare it to your maximum.

There is no standard built-in service to check if a value is numeric, but you can write a java service to do that. Or if you have the PSUtilities package, there is an isNumeric service in there.

If you want to throw an error (or catch one and set your value to null) if the value is not numeric, you can call the numericFormat service.


Another option for checking numerice value or not is try using Regular Expressions…Please see the ISDeveloperGuide.pdf for better understanding.


PSUtilities.string:isNumeric may help.