How to write a flow service that returns all the services with pipeline debug as restore?

Requirement : Write a flow service that returns all the services in Integration server with pipeline debug as restore.


I am Using the webmethod 10.11 version .

Till date Analysis: got one service serviceInfo with have service properties information but it is not it does not have pipeline restore data.

I’m not near my machine so I’m typing this from my phone, but I’m certain there is a service available in WmPublic or WmRoot. I cannot recall if the Pre-upgrade Analyzer tool can do this.

Having said that, the option that will certainly work is to -

  1. Use a Linux command using “find” and “xargs”, to search for the property in the node.ndf file of the flow services, from the backend
  2. You then use the executeOSCommand built-in service, to execute the aforesaid command
  3. This needs a config change in WmPublic/config/OSCommands.cnf (filename is from my memory, so it could vary slightly) folder, to allow this command

The equivalent XML tag for this pipeline property in the node.ndf file should be something like “pipeline_option” and it’s values range from 0, 1, etc., for the various property options. You can test and get the exact values.

Example - find ./ -type f -name node.ndf | xargs grep “pipeline_option>1”

If you don’t really need to run this as a flow service but only want a list of services that have the pipeline set, just run that command from the packages folder to get a list and you’re good.

Note - This is a roundabout solution, so I’ll still suggest that you look through the Public or Root packages, or I can check this for you tomorrow.



I think @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1’s approach is the best as it allows you to search at the file system level and can also search in disabled packages.

WmRoot has a getNode service that provides all the data for a service so you could use that too. But it will only work for enabled packages. To view the services in WmRoot in Designer you do need to set the extended property “watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot=false”