How to visualize Enum or String Data in Cumulocity Cloud

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I have a device named ‘Test_Device’ registered and connected to Cumulocity Cloud via MQTT.
I send some values to this device using MQTT.fx for now… but going forward the values will come from a physical device.

I am able to send Numerical data to the ‘Test_Device’ and that data is being visualized in the Measurements tab inside that Device in a graphical format.

  1. Now… I need to see/visualize an Enumerated data in Cumuloicty. I am not able to understand in which section and how this data can be visualized in the ‘Test_Device’ and by using which template this can be achieved.
    Example for Enumerated data: 0 = Normal, 1= Alarm, 2 = Fault, 3 = Out Of Range…etc…

    Also… is it possible to visualize such data in Measurements section of the device ?

  2. Similar to Enum my device accepts string values… like “ON”, “OFF”, “Overload”, etc…
    So is there any provision for string type of data to be visualized in measurements section of the ‘Test_Device’ or what other options are available for such data to be seen/visualized in Cumuloicty?

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

Have you installed latest fixes for the products

Any update regarding this…??


as stated in the documentation measurements always require to have numerical values. You could extend a measurement and provide additional information by using custom fragments. But these custom fragments won’t be picked up by any of the Cumulocity built-in components. In addition, I don’t think it would be the correct approach for your requirements.

The information you want to send to Cumulocity for your device is describing a state of change for the device. For example, if the device is out of range or whether the device is on/off. For such kind of information you typically use Events in Cumulocity. Link to predefined MQTT templates. Next to the Measurement tab in Cumulocity’s Device Management application you have an Events tab, which displays all received events. There is also a widget for the dashboard to display received events in a list.

If you want to visualize your events differently than just as a plain list, you need to implement your own plugin or widget. There is also the Process Widget from Global PreSales you might want to look into.

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for the suggestion…

We will check this and get back if any help needed.


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