How to view the output of an action in TN


I have created a sample processing rule with an action as Execute as Service in TN. In which I have selected a in-built service.
Service gets executed successfully once the document is submitted.
But I dont know how to view the output of the service.
Can anybody help me in this issue.

what does the service do ?
you should know what the function of the service ?
…c’mon, have look at the service…


TN doesn’t record the output of the service. It simply invokes the service, passing it the input document.


The service I invoked is getCurrentdate.
I want to view the output that it passes to the input document.
TN invokes the service.

u need to check where ur service is failing… and why…
for viewing the flow data at any step, u can use in-built services to save pipeline & restore pipline…
c’mon, u must be knowing about them…:crazy:

Like Rob mentioned, TN does not record the output of a service invoked by a processing rule. If the service returns or generates that needs to be logged, you can use the built-in service WmTN/ to log that directly into the document’s activity log. You would then be able to see that via Transaction Analysis.

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A review of the TN documentation to gain a better understanding of how TN operates would seem to be in order.