How to view services working on a running process in Software AG Designer

Hi all,

I’m fresh new at webMethods context and maybe because of this I’m facing some problems that could be considered simple for more experienced people. Could anybody help me?

I tried to configure some simple services on a small BPMN process modeled in SAG Designer, but with not apparently success :?

I associate the services to each designed task but when the process is executed, none of them become visible to me. Basically if I test the individual service it works fine, but If I try to execute a process and wait for the services response, nothing about that happens.

Are my expectations about this wrong?

Thanks already for your orientation!

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Vitor Soutinho

Watch this, I am sure it helps you. And then you can start reading the docs.

Also lot of threads in this forum, search and help yourself.


Hi MR as173d and M@he$h,

Thanks for your replies!

I already started to search some threads :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Vitor Henrique Soutinho

Vitor, Good, let us know if you stuck with some issues.



  1. Enable Resubmit enabled at all steps and make sure Input/Output are all defined.
  2. Make Sure services are configured at each step and also generated in process IS Package as wrapper.
  3. Keep Logging level of 5 at process level and also log few output fields of steps to make sure service are executed.
  4. Check process in instances page if it has failed with any error.