How to view queued documents?

Hello all you experts out there,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to write a service using Broker java api to view the actual message that is stuck in the client queued?

Please help.


Option 1:

Login to MWS>Messaging and then click on the client which has queue…there you have option to see document queued.
Option 2:
Broker API code can also be wiritten using IS\common\lib\wm-brokerclient.jar


As stated above you can of course go to MWS Portal where you will be able to browse the queue. (this is the simplest of all)

The second option is to use Broker Java or C API.

  • Create an BrokerAdminClient connection
  • Create a new BrokerQueueBrowser object
  • Get the message you want in the format you need
  • Disconnect the BrokerAdminClient (if not you will have the client Admin queue still connected until timeout on broker)

Thanks Jeremy. I followed your option 2, using the Broker Java APi and it work. However, i can only get the properties of the document, but not the actual data. Were you able to retrieve the actual data from the queue? If so, can you please explain how you did it?


Thanks Jeremy.