How to use X-node?

I want to use x-node to connect tow or more tables in Access, but I try many times, it did not work, who can help me for sending an exmple to me?


Can you attach your access database and the schema you are trying to use?

The database I used is the Northwind.mdb, and the schame is attached. Thanks for your help.
Patient.TSD (6.57 KB)

Go and read my explaination of the limitations
of X-Node and that you need to use views to
do joins of multiple tables in:

“ODBC access in Tamino 3.1 is not for the faint at heart”

Located in this same discussion list.


I have looked at your schema and I find a couple of problems.
All the Sequence nodes are set to minOcurs=1 and maxOcurs=1. While this will might work for PatientDetail if they only had one illness I don’t think it is proper for Patients since I assume there are more than one Patient in the database.
The next issue is that you are using /Patient/Patient_No for the accessPredicate in the PatientsDetail table. Assuming there are more than one patient which Patient_No node should be selected? What is more descriptive and accurate (but I’m not sure it will work) is to use something like …/Patient_No as this will describe the parent node to the PatientsDetail node that is being processed and exclude all others.
I’m not even sure if you can nest subTreeSQL mapping types like you are doing here. It seem to me that there is something missing in how this all works besides the ability to do a basic join in any SQL query.