How to use WSDL from .net application ?

I have received WSDL and end point address etc. I need to consume this WSDL from .net application. How to create .NET services from existing WSDL ? Possible ?

I am assuming you are talking about SOAP web service exposed by webMethods since you mentioned WSDL and are posting in SAG wM Tech forums.

For SOAP, you can create a web or service reference using the WSDL URL in VS. This will generate the required proxy with all the operations in the WSDL a methods to call the web services from .NET app. You can access the methods in this proxy class as a regular .NET method in your method once you initialize the web reference in your code. There are numerous examples out there on how to consume a WSDL in .NET.

Hi Akshith - Thanks for the reply. Can you please assist me ? Am looking for a developer for coding part on WSDL consumption including sending request and receiving response etc. Have a certain objectives and needs to discuss in details. Please let me know if you are interested and compensation can be done on effort. my email is