How to use stylesheet in workflow html

Hello Friends,

I am having a strange problem! In my workflow task, i am using HTML view. Here i need to refer external stylesheet. I have given <link> inside my html where Resource is a package inside IS and Resource.war is found under web directory of Resource package. Also it’s been flattened under ISDirectory/web/wars. Usage of link like this doesn’t help me in referring the stylesheet. What am i missing? I need to use only relative path of stylesheet to refer. It works fine with absolute path.

Can anyboby tell me the steps of using stylesheet and javascripts in workflow html?

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Hi Saveetha,

I know of way to use this.
Usage of stylesheets or Javascript in HTML pages is the same as you do in any other platform.
For example: If you have a html page “inbox.html” in a directory “C:\Users\Saveetha\HTMLS” and your stylesheet file “mycss.css” in a directory “C:\Users\Saveetha\HTMLS\CSS”.
All you have to do to access the css is to add the relative path “.\CSS\mycss.css” in your html page. When you import your html page, Workflow imports the css and converts the resources (css, images) etc. into an internal format after compilation and you don’t need the files to be in that location anymore.

What I mean is, if after importing the html page, generating your project, even if you delete your html page and css file, the workflow is going to show your files just fine.

Same with the Javascript!! Hope this makes sense.

Hi Hemanth,

Thanks for the information. But this is not what my project requirement is… I need to put my stylesheets and javascript outside the workflow jar since we can change the style and scripting of the workflow html on the fly without redeploying the workflow. So i don’t want to bundle the css or javascript with my workflow jar.

Can you give me some suggestions to achieve this?

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I have not come across any such requirements before. But let me give it a shot and I’ll update you if I find something interesting or if somebody else doesn’t beat me to it here!

Wish you the best exploring options.