how to use ftp server in web methods?

hi frds,

i am new to web methods ,how to uses ftp server in web methods
wht is the use of ftp server in webmethods.plz any one can tell me how to uses in webmethods.

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use the services in

You may find it helpful to review the webMethods documentation, such as “Understanding the webMethods Product Suite”, the “Integration Server Administrator’s Guide” and the “Developer User’s Guide”. Search those docs for FTP and you’ll find information about the use of FTP for traffic to and from Integration Server.

Hi kumar,

First u download one ftp server (search in google) and install it.
here u will crete ur domains and users.
u will use help ,how to use ftp server in that.

coming to webmethods,
u will use pub.client:ftp:login
here in pipeline u will enter uname,password,serverhost,portnumber and other details.
u will use remaining commands also.

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webMethods supports almost all FTP commands. using webMethods FTP services you can achieve integration with different FTP/SFTP serers.

you can explore the services in “” folder used for FTP communication.

From advantage you can download OpenSSH package which is useful while establishing SFTP server.

As reamon already mentioned you can go through the documentation to understand more.

After run pub.client.ftp:get, I got the “226 Transfer completed”. But I don’t know where I can find the file tranferred.

pub.clinet.ftp:cd can select directory on the ftp server. for example: I want to get the file on ftp server:/temp/test.txt and transfer it to my local:/local/test.txt.
I can use pub.client.ftp:cd to set the directory on ftp server, but how can I know where the file was tranfered after run pub.client.ftp:get. Any suggestion is appreciated. thank you.

the file will be downloaded the to the directory that you mapped to the local file name input of the get service.


You should start with creating FTP port on Integration server,
and create on service like logftp and call ftp.login service from wm public into it,provide parameters username,password,localhost & port which you defined while creating FTP port.

then use command to get directories and you will get directories like “admin”,“Administrator”,“replicate”,“ns”
if you want to go inside these directories put like admin/pipeline u will get list of pipeline folder files and then through ftp:get service you give remotefile as admin/pipeline/a.xml & then you will get those file fetch data and now you can put through ftp.put and to other folder which you can access only through getting these directories (“admin”,“Administrator”,“replicate”,“ns”). and then logout from server.

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Thanks Vishwadeep. Attaching the package with the details mentioned above would be more useful for others. :slight_smile:

I had faced lot of issues especially hanging threads with ftp, so we have written our own customized java code to perform ftp operations. I am sorry I cannot share the code as it is client side.