How to use compression with SOAP Web Service


I have to implement a “SOAP over HTTP” Web Service on a webMethods IS 8.2, with request/response compression.
I checked the wM official documentation but i didn’t find anything on this subject.

Could someone provide me some information ?
Ideally, the step-by-step process to implement data compression with SOAP/HTTP Web Services or a wM documentation that deals with this subject.



I have not done this before but i suspect you can post a GZIP stream object containing the SOAP request over the HTTP.

  1. Create a service A which will convert a soapData object to an instance of GZIP stream. Refer to the services under WmPublic/pub.soap.utils for creating a SOAP object and refer to the GZIPInputStream and GZIPOutputStream Java classes for converting to GZIP.
  2. Create a service B which will do a SOAP over HTTP for an input stream. (Refer to the pub.client:soapHTTP deprecated service documentation in the IS built in services guide 8.0).
  3. In the service B before you make a call to the WmPublic/pub.client:http service, Call the service A and convert the SOAP object to a (GZIP) stream object and map it to the stream field under data document.

Hope this helps!