How to Update Multi-value variables from Applinx using .NET


I am attempting to update a multi-value variable from my .net VB ApplinX web page, but have been unsuccessful.

In my sample code below, I have a multi-value variable “ECCOM115Compl”. (3 occurances) Not sure how I need to define the index when sending the data back thru applinx to allow the update of the multi-value variable. I’ve tried using [0], and (0) but no luck. Any suggestions?

Sample Code

  Dim req As New GXPathRequest("UPDATEM115")
   With req
     .addInputField("ECCOM115init", ECCOM115Init.Value)
     .addInputField("ECCOM115Compl[0]", ECCOM115Compl_000.Value)
     .addInputField("ECCOM115Compl[1]", ECCOM115Compl_001.Value)
     .addInputField("ECCOM115Compl[2]", ECCOM115Compl_002.Value)
     .addInputField("ECCOM115EmailCR", ECCOM115EmailCR.Value)
   End With
   Catch ex As Exception

there is an overloaded method with the index as the second parameter:

     .addInputField("ECCOM115Compl",2, ECCOM115Compl_002.Value)