how to update a XMLObject

Hi, i’m trying to update a xmlobject using the tamino api4j,

well, i have succes when i used

xmlObjectAccessor.insert( xmlObject );

the xmlObject it’s defined as usual (using a String XML with the xml of the object)

when i try to do:

xmlObjectAccessor.update( xmlObject );

in another method of course, i don’t know how i setup the ino:id, i’m using XQUERY4 to retrieve the object to be update,

the object has the attribute id ( like … ) but i don’t know how to associate that attribute to the ino:id propierty…

the questions are the nexts:

  1. How i define the Primary Keys (like in SQL) in the Schemas???
  2. How i do to give a ino:id to an object that i retrieve???
  3. i’ll need to use x-query???’

thx :slight_smile:
usuarios con administrador and id.tsd (1.15 KB)