How to Up multiple servers at a time Using Unix

Hi All,
We have more than 100 servers,for some patching we shutdown this all servers at a time using Unix script.But we are don’t have any script to up this all servers at a time.
If any one know how to up all the server at a time ,please do share me.

Thanks In Advance

Hi Siva,
I’ve done it for 4 servers not for 100. I used Mobaxterm. Open the separate console for all (in my case all the servers had same folder structure) then in mobaxterm has option called “Multi Execution” what it does is you type on one server it will run same command on all the servers.
In your case it is 100… not sure if it is a good option.

Option 2:

If all your servers can communicate with each other then you can right shell script where you do the ssh to a server change directory run nohup ./ & and then quit.

I hope this should work. Try this for 2 or three servers if works then do it for rest of the servers.

Thanks Vikas for your reply.

Each server have it’s own directory and few servers are communicate each other ,few are independent . Is it passable to write a script for this ?
I’m not that much script export .If you have any idea,please share me the script.

Thanks In Advance

Hi Siva,
I am also not unix expert but can suggest something. For those servers which are kind of standalone and do not communicate with each other for them mobaxtrem is good
for others you can wrtie shell script and do following

  1. ssh to server
    sshpass -p your_password ssh user@hostname

change to the bin directory of your server

  1. $ cd $IS_HOME\bin

  2. nohup ./ &

  3. exit

This way you can write for all your servers who communicate with each other in one script.
Try this if working then let every one know your solution.

What is your webMethods version… I assume this feature can be done via Command Central, not sure I need to check on this.

If you are working on Unix Flavours then you can follow the below option.

Create a shell script from where you loginto each server remotely and kick-off the script and take the output and if it is negative, keep in a list and continue the same with rest of the servers. Finally send the output of results to some mail id and from there you can take the decision.


Hi All,
thanks for your valuable reply.
Mahesh @ i’m using webMethods 8.2 Version.
MR @ I hope this is good approach to go.