How to unzip WinZipped files in webMethods

One of our trading partner’s is going to send a batch of invoice image files zipped using WinZip.

At our end we need to unzip the file and process ‘each’ image file individually.

How to unzip (WinZipped files) in webMethods ?

Appreciate your help.


Please look into 6.01 WmSamples package under String folder,there are sample zip/unzip services.


The zip/unzip services under the WmSamples package works for GZip format only. I need to unzip files that are zipped using WinZip.


Go to Sun’s Java reference site and look at Package You can write whatever services you need using this documentation.

I think you just need to change the Stream types from to the corresponding classes.


Currently we are using a system call - “firecommand” to invoke a bat to winzip/winunzip because our client request zipping with a password.

Let me know if you have other better way of doing this as I am not quite comfortable using this method.


Since Winzip comes along with an ocx, why don’t you simply build a 1 parameter COM service?