How to tokenize a postcode string?

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Integration Server 10.5

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I’m kinda stuck with an extremely easy task (i can’t believe I’m asking this)

How can I tokenize a postcode string?

I want to input 1000-001 so that the output could be:
PostCode: 1000
PostCodeExt: 001

I already make this as a string with built-in flow steps, I’ve tried a bunch of configuration and nothing.

Can someone help

Many Thanks

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You have to set an index on the output links. Then the links turn to blue

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PostCode will be index=0 and PostCodeExt will then be index=1.



I can’t believe it…

Thank you so much!!!

Have a nice day ! <3

Your example here is indeed a simple string, but be aware of the behavior of tokenize when one or more fields are empty. You may want/need to create a new service that uses the String.split method :(you can write a Java service that looks just like tokenize, but works slightly differently).

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