how to to "Arithmetic Filter Operators"

The broker supports what is called “Arithmetic Filter Operators” when defining the broker client queue event filters (from the documentation)

- Unary minus
* Multiplication
/ Division
% Modulus Division
- Subtraction + Addition

Nevertheless it seems that this is not support through the Integration Server Triggers conditions!

Is this true? Did any of you ever had the need to do more specialized conditions.

What leads you to conclude that IS does not support specifying these operators in the filter expression?

The developer user guide on the “Conditional Expressions” appendix (“D”) that is refered by the “Publish Subscribe Developers Guide” on section 7, does not detail any way to do it.

Also, testing directly on Developer shows this to be, if not impossible, not documented at least. The operator I need to use is the modulus (%), and as you know this char has a special meaning on IS.

We tried the “escape” sequences also detailed on page 457 with no success.

I am under the strong impression that under IS the conditional expression do not contemplate arithmetic expressions… only “conditional/compare” type ones, if I make myself clear.

This is a surprise for me because I use the broker since “ActiveWorks”, if true I consider this to be restrictive of the full broker functionality. Not pleasant indeed.

If you know how to do it, please explain me, I have read the documentation several times (java broker API, pub sub and Developer).

Could it be some sort of “hint” that does a passthrough directly to the broker? I saw a section about it, I’ll read it again.

It the mean time, give it a try :slight_smile:

It’s version 8.2.1…

Good stuff in the additional information.

What is the conditional expression you’re trying to use? (Not just which operator)

Something simple (but replicated many time accross several triggers):

%myNumber% % 10 = 0

where the isolated % is the modulus division (the remainder).

We already implemented the needed functionality using an alternative regular expression; although not as simpler to do :slight_smile:

Well, you asked me what made me think this was not possible… I continue to wonder if it actualy is :)… could I ask you what makes you think it is possible? (although you never actualy said it, but implied it)

My question about why you thought it wasn’t possible was more about determining what you’d done to investigate. :slight_smile:

In all the projects I’ve done (even since the AW days) I think I can count on one hand the number of times a trigger filter was used. So my hands-on experience with the various things one can do with triggers is limited.

I set up a simple doc type, trigger and service and hit the same issue you did. Can’t get IS to even try to pass it on to Broker. Always complains with “No closing delimiter found.”

Sounds like a job for wM tech support.