How to switch to power drill shell via URL

I know that if a user’s shell rules give them the Power Drill shell, then they can temporarily switch to the Noodle shell by adding “?shell=shell.noodle” or “&shell=shell.noodle” to the end of the URL.

However, what needs to be added to temporarily switch the user from the Noodle shell (via shell rules) to the Power Drill (via URL manipulation)?

I’ve tried shell.PowerDrill, shell.Power+Drill, shell.Power%20Drill, etc. None of them work.


The value must resolve to one of the shell aliases. I just checked and the powerdrill shell actually has 4 different aliases, so any one of the following values should work to switch to the powerdrill shell:

  1. shell.base
  2. shell.default
  3. shell.wm_shell_power_drill
  4. shell.power_drill

That works perfectly. Thanks!