How to store the contents of document in a string list in webmethods?

I have a document having three string fields of a employee or student. I need to append the details of each employee and store it in a string list and displays the same as output .
Help out this newbie… I have tried some ways but not working out
Thank You in Advance:)

Your description of the requirement is ambiguous, so I assume that you have a Document List with 3 String variables for each employee/student in that list.

If so, then this is how -

  1. Loop over the DocList Input array and add the next steps inside the loop
  2. Invoke pub.string:makeString and map the 3 String variables (using the Index map property) to concatenate with a separator
  3. Map this concatenated String to a target String List via one of these options -
    3.a Use the Output array feature (loop property)
    3.b The Index feature with a counter variable (map property)
    3.c Invoke pub.list:appendToStringList service (not a preferred option)

If you are using makeString, you need to know the number of String variables to append (it’s 3 in your case), at design-time.

Reference Guides
A. Designer Service Development Help (link)
B. IS Built-in Services (link)


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