How to start Tamino manually

Hi all,
I installed the Tamino starter kit in complete type(not custom) and I am a windows user.
I want to start Tamino Server not ‘Automatically’ but ‘Manually’. So I opened [Control Panel] > [Administrative Tools] > [Services] and founded 7 components whose names begin with ‘Software AG…’. And changed startup type from ‘automatic’ to ‘manual’.
(1) Are they all service component with the software which I download? Or are there any other components which I still have to change startup type?
(2) Is there any specific order which I should follow when I start or stop those services?

Any help will be appreciated.


The following is the answer to your questions:

1.) There are only these 7 services beginning with the names ?Software AG? installed with Tamino.
2.) No special order is necessary.
If one service needs another to be started previously , this service will automatically be started.
If a service which is needed by another service is stopped, you will be told that this other service will also be stopped in parallel.

best regards

Thank you for your response.