How to start a DBO process per message, service ?

Actually most of the “normal” BPMN processes get started per Broker message. Therefore I define a Start Event / Implementation with following parameters.
Receive Protocol: 'Subscription ( for Publishable Documents )
Document Type: Here I select the known publishable document type ( no problem here. I used it a lot ).

In DBO there are 2 possibilities for the implementation definition ‘Receive Protocol’
a) ‘Service’
b) ‘UM Native’
Actually we do not use UM yet. So I only can select Service. And then I can select a document type.
OK, the selected document type is the Output of the start activity. But what means “Service” ???
There is not subscription at the Broker ( for sure ) but which Service provides me this document type?


10.0 DBO might be having those options (Service or UM Native).

When you select Service protocol, you will get option to provide IS Flow service which has steps to triggger DBO process using pub.dbo.model.control:startProcess.

UM Native use to support both IS Local Document as well as IS UM Document.
In your case, you can use IS Document with connection type IS_LOCAL_Connection when you dont want to use UM.