How to set WS-A header?

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement where we’re calling a SOAP WS and to make it work we have to add WS-A header. I did look into the forums but couldn’t actually find anything related to how we can add WS-A in webMethods.

If anyone has any inputs, please let me know.

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Hi Kumar,

WS-A is a standard and as such there should be online XSDs that define the schema. (

Based on the XSD, you can create your document type definitions.

When calling the SOAP service, populate this doc types and send them with the call.

The reference that M@he$h mentioned will help you with that.

Hi Kumar,

One of the easiest way is to define a header-handler flow service so that you can add/remove any tag within the header,
I guess this is a description written by Vlad TURIAN :slight_smile:

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