How to set up TN database

Can any one tell me how to set up the database for TN.
I am using wM601 and oracle9i.
Please give me the detail steps how to set up the database.
I gone through the doc’s but i couldnot get it.


I will say Read the manual, and then I will answer the question briefly because this is a users group and I have loads of help with questions in here.

The webMethods Platform installation guide covers this, and it is touched upon in TradingNetworks Users Guide.

The short list is
-make sure that DB scripts are installed somewhere on your system
from the webMethods installer.
-get your DBA to create a user for TN
create user wmTN identified by wmTN;
alter user wmTN default tablespace USERS;
alter user wmTN quota unlimited on USERS;

In the directory where you installed DB scripts look for

Connect to the DB as wmTN and run this script.
If you have already installed TN and did not configure the database you can change the DB location (instructions in
webMethods Platform installation guide ) or if you have not configured anything in TN, just uninstall and re-install that portion.
Yuo will be prompted for JDBC connection information and they provide you a template for the info.
You need username, password, host, port and SID of the DB.

Hai paul,
Today i will go through the manual.If i get any issues i will get back to you.
Thanking you

One thing to keep in mind. Once you have the DB connection setup, you have to seed the database by importing the init.xml file from the TN Console directory.

This is in the webMethods Platform Install Guide. You will also find some of the answers you are looking for there.