How to set the ACL's on a WS Provider using LDAP roles

Hi all,

Do you have any idea on how to set the ACL’s on a WS Provider using LDAP roles?
This is what I have done:

  1. Created a new ACL - let’s called it Test ACL
  2. Added to the ACL an LDAP group
  3. put the ACL on the “Execute ACL” of the web service provider
  4. tested the WS with SOAP UI
  5. all works: I get access denied with users that are not in the group and the ws results for those that are in the group

I have repeated the same steps only at point 2 I added an LDAP ROLE.
At testing time i get access denied no matter what.

Do you know if this is a IS ACL restriction or am I doing something wrong.

Thank you for your answers and best regards,
Vlad Turian