How to send multiple files via AS2/HTTPS?


I have a requirement where I need to post multiple xml files ( each having different data and different filenames) via AS2/https.

When I post it to the trading partner, He must see 6 files(just as an example) with different filesnames. How can I send all at once from webMethods? Please let me know.

You cannot send multiple files (seperate files) via AS2 in a single transaction as far I know…

But yes you can send wrapped XML (that contains XML list (root tag) and make one XML wrapper if your TP OK with the format you can share some DTD/Schema of your doctype and test with them:

This is the only way I can think off:

<?XML?> --> --> TP has to break/process this Actual XML's (6 multiples in your case) and extrac the content from each XML their end