How to send JMSCorrelationID while sending request to a JMS Provider

Hi All
I have a requirement as part of which we need to send JMSCorelationID field in headers when we put the request in queue of a JMS Provider.
I did try the pub.jms:send service but it does not have this field and it assumes that JMS provider would add this correlationID and therefore this field is in output of this service.

Can anyone let me know how to achieve this?

You could try using pub.jms:sendAndWait and populate the uuid field. This should be the JMSCorrelationId in the reply message.

Hi Karl
Thanks for your reply.Problem is we are not using webMethods JMS provider but we need to send JMS messages to a weblogic JMS queue and they are expecting JMSCorelationID field in header for every message we send to them.