How to Send Error Messages to UI

Hi Guys,

So here’s the scenario from a portlet I’m calling a Remote Service which is wrapped by an IS flow service (Click Save) to create an item in a remote application, if for some reason the service fails(I will receive a SOAP fault document where I can grab the error text, but how do I report the error to the portal UI, a popup of some kind would be my ideal solution.

Any advice would be appreciated.



You can try this option,
Capture the error text code in the output of your IS flow service, which will be passed to the portal for any errors.
Now, create an if condition in the porlet use: Control->Logic->If and check for the output from the IS flow service. If the value exists, then inside the If block drag Script from the palette use : Control->Output->Script Block.
In the Script Block, under value section type alert(“your error message”);

This will show a popup alert with the error message as and when your IS service outputs an error message.