How to send email received as an attachment

Hello Experts,

Seeking for your kind assistance on the below concern.
I am receiving email from our client via emaillistener and getting details via getTransportInfo. I have a requirement where I need to revert back the whole email as “attachment” if there’s an error message. Handling error message is now okay and all configuration are fine. However, I tried to use pub.client.smtp and explore “attachments” parameter but wasn’t able revert back the email.any tips? thank you.

Hi Mor,

you can try the following approach:

  • convert the received email object to a String or byte array
  • add this to your smtp call as attachment and set the content type accordingly.
    – you might want to use indexed mapping (index=0 for first attachment) when not building up an attachments list via appendToList service.
  • set encoding to base64.

See IS Built-In-Services reference for further information.



Hello Holger,

Thank you for you response.
I already did the steps below but still not next question is, if I want to forward the whole email received via getTransoirtInfo, should I convert the whole “email” document inside this flow to byte array? or only the content?

Here’s my setting:
contenttype: application/ (do you know any contenttype for outlook email?)
encoding: I tried base64 and no input (still same result)

There’s also a thing in outlook that if I set filename to “.msg” I cannot open the file because of some permission issue.