How to send a Async webservice (in provider exposed )resposne to the source system?

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Please help me out here , how to send a async response to the source system based on third party system response.


Service A: Main service and we exposed this service to the source system (contains input string and output string) and we routing input data to MWS.
Service B: Child service which is defined in Processing rule to execute further.
Service B.1 : Making a Rest call to the third party system and based on the response we received from them. We need to pass that info in output string of parent service.(it may be success status or failed status)

As, I’m using processing rule , not sure how to proceed further on this implement .

Kindly help me out and let us know for any further information required.

Thank you.

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Based on your description, it sounds more like a synchronous response than an async. Also, when you say “routing input data to MWS,” I’m guessing you meant you’re routing it to TN, right?

Anyway, as long as your processing rule is also synchronous, whatever is placed in the pipeline by the processing service, should be available to the web service (i.e. Service A). In other words, after you call routeXml (or whatever routing service you’re using) in the top-level service, you should be able to see the results from the processing service in the pipeline.

Beware that if anyone changes the processing rule to asynchronous or service execution task, this will break.


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Hi Percio,

Thank you for the reply . I’ll work on this and let you know for any further assistance on this.

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