How to run WebServices in 7.1 - newbie

I am following a thread [URL=“”] of Hello - HelloRequest and HelloResponse - Doc/Literal SOAP messages to learn webservices for an upcoming project and created a webservice and web service connector.However I am not able to execute my webservice .When
webservice is being called I get folowing error.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="[B][/color][/b][COLOR=#0000ff]" xmlns:xsi="[B][/color][/b][COLOR=#0000ff]" xmlns:xsd="[B][/color][/b][COLOR=#0000ff]">
<SOAP-ENV:Header xmlns:SOAP-ENV="[B][/color][/b][COLOR=#0000ff]" />

- <SOAP-ENV:Body>
- <SOAP-ENV:Fault>

<faultstring>[ISS.0088.9109] SOAP is only supported using HTTP POST protocol</faultstring>





I am new to SOAP/WSDL…I am also reading WM doc on Web_Services guide which states that to run Webservices Click “Run button” on Developer displays the Input for “connector” dialog box. However when my Webservice connector is selected , run button is always found disabled.
Can someone guide me? Let me know if you need more info

It appears as if you are attempting to execute a web service by loading the endpoint URL in your browser.

Instead post the soap request to the endpoint URL.


Thanks marc,
usually this soap request is posted thru other application.How can I stimulate…
How do I post soap messages to webservices…
also I am not able to find sample from the advantage site that documents claims to have -sample.soap:buildMsg_sendHTTP.

You can create and post Soap requests using many, many utilities and tools. A very basic one is SoapUI (free version available) but a more comprehensive web services testing tool is CrossCheck Network’s SOAPSonar (personal edition available).


I wrote a little flow service to test SOAP messages , it gave me following error in SOAP response.

[ISS.0088.9166] Binder not found for soapAction = Envelope
What causes this error?

Sorry, I have not worked with IS 7.1 enough to recognize this error message. My guess is that your soap request may not be correct.

WM Support has an examples package for the new IS web services functionality that you might want to request and review.


I looked around in advantage seems like a known issue:Here is the extract:

When we run a webservice connector, via the wM Developer, created from a contract wsdl in CentraSite the following error is thrown:

faultCode: SOAP-ENV:Client
faultString: [ISS.0088.9166] Binder not found for soapAction = test
faultActor: [URL=“http://host:5557/ws/”]http://host:5557/ws/[/URL]

A view of connector is attached as jpg.
webMethods Closure Summary

known issue. Will be solve in SP1