How to run TWo Flow Services

Hi Wm-Gurus,

I was asked by one of my friend wheather it is possible to run two flow services at a time,
what flow services do i need to invoke,
and Where(M).

Will appreciate if some one adds some colors to this topic with an example,


Hi Dan,
You can run two flow services at the same time.

WHY(M)–>depends on your requirement/for testing only.

WHERE(M)–>you just need to schedule services in WM scheduler.



Your question seems to indicate that you want to run two Flow services in parallel each on its own processing thread. You have to write a java service or two to do this. The Service.doThreadedInvoke method allows you to specify a service name to invoke and the IData containing the inputs of that service. See the WmSamples package for one example. You can also search WM Users for doThreadedInvoke to turn up more discussion on this point.

Integration Server is multithreaded. Using multiple threads to perform your integration work is a process of analyzing the work to determine what can be executed in parallel, invoking multiple additional threads to do the work and then collecting and reassembling the results (including any exceptions).


Hi Dan,

You can easy invoke service via WebBrowser. It is not good as doThreadedInvoke but some times is good and easy and fast for testing purpose.

The url is in following format:



Krasimir Zlatev