How to retrieve Transport Status from MWS/TN

Currently utilizing webMethods 9.12 and although I have searched the TN documentation and even the newer 10.5 documentation, I still can’t figure out the answer to this question, so am reaching out.
Here’s what I have to do:

In MWS, there are certain B2B documents that are set up for Immediate Delivery and they are sent to the external vendor by Primary HTTPS by MyWebmethods. Yes, I could go into MWS, go to B2B/Transactions, click Details, and look at Tasks under Transaction Details to see if the document (purchase order) was successfully transmitted by looking at the details under the Tasks column. Took a long time but finally figured that out yesterday. However, I am being asked to somehow extract that information in the flow code possibly by utilizing the adapter service, so that if there happens to be an error, code can alert everyone about the issue, versus someone having to dig manually through the levels mentioned earlier to see if each transaction was sent successfully. There’s thousands upon thousands of B2B transactions.

I can’t for the life of me figure out which TN flow code I would use in Designer and/or which table in the TN db that this task information (Delivery Method, Transport Status, Transport Status Message, Transport Time) is stored. Unsure if some sort of BIZDOC table join has to be done and if so, what to join. Hopefully overall, there’s just a flow code somewhere under that can be run, but I would take any advice on this topic at this time. Time is running out on me to get this done.

Can someone please advise?


Hi Joe,

I would ask you to check out for TN Built-In-Services reference and/or TN Users Guide.
There are services in the WmTN package for querying the TN objects from the database, which are using the TN jdbc pool in IS internally.

When checking the informations in MWS TN-UI, this is reaching out to the WmTN package on IS as well.
MWS itself does not have direct access to the TN database schema. It hust serves as an Administration UI for the TN subsystem running in the IS.


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Search the TN Administrator’s Guide for tn.task.notifyFailure. This is a property (described on page 72 of the 10.1 TN Administrator’s Guide) that if set to true, will have Trading Networks publish a document ( whenever a task fails. You can write a service that subscribes to these to do whatever you need to do when a TN Task fails.


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