How to retrieve an XML element data from a Broker Event when the element has an attribute

I am retrieving data from BrokerEvents from a client queue. But I am not able to retrieve the value of an xml element when it has an attribute.

In the following example I want to get <acctnum> element data.
Document structure is like this:

<name>Midwest Extreme Sports</name>

code snippet:

for (i = 0; i < oEvents.length; i++) {
oe = oEvents[i];
BrokerEvent oe1 = oe.getStructFieldAsEvent(null);
BrokerEvent oe2 = oe1.getStructFieldAsEvent(“AcctInfo”);
BrokerEvent oe3 = oe2.getStructFieldAsEvent(“acctNum”);
String szName = oe2.getStringField(“name”);
String szacctNum = oe3.getString("*body");
// failes here, throws exception.