How to reset autocounter()

I did an sql like this:

select autocounter() from customers {maxrows 3}

I get 3 rows with number 1, 2, 3

I then rerun the select and now I get 3 rows back with 4,5,6.

How can I get autocounter() to reset back to 1,2, and 3 with my subsequent run of the select statement?


There is currently no way to reset the counter back to one. The function was created as an easy way to generate a unique identifier. It is a long integer, and will wrap back around to 0 once it reaches the max.

My prior response was not correct. It is possible to reset the counter by using the following SQL statement:


Additionally, if you want to seed the counter to a specific value you can use this SQL statement:

{setcounter 123}

Where 123 can be any value.