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When I needed more then in madio or maxcl specified dbms calls or programm calls my solution was to do something like this:

set control 'N'
input 'Please wait...'

The dbms-call- and programm-call-counter are resetted with the input statement. Does a process page not reset these counters?
Is there a way to do the same in natural for ajax without the above mentioned solution? I made a subprogram that shows a page (popup) that disappears after 500ms (trigger), but I’m not able to reset the counters. Is there a way to do that programmatically?


Take a look at USR1068N in lib SYSEXT.

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Hello Wolfgang!

I already tried using this User-Exit, but it doesn’t work, because natural security does not allow to use the commands SM, SX or RC.

Is there another way to reset the counters for dbms- and programm-calls in natural for ajax? Why does a “process page” not reset the counters like an input-statement?


Why does PROCESS PAGE not reset the counters ?

There are actually 2 fixes to NAT427 to correct this,
just apply the latest cumulative fixpack :wink: