How to replicate HTML FORM in WM IS


I have seen a few threads here regarding replicating what a HTML FORM does.
I have tried many combinations but with fail.

I am using WM 6.0.1 and posting to IIS5.0. Right now the vendor has a HTML form to do manual upload and we are trying to replicate the same but could not do so far.

Can some one enlighten me as to how can I replicate what a HTML froma does on WM IS and how can that be done. I noticed a major issue is
Content-type being set incorrect in WM.

Thanks in advance

Search the Built-In Services guide for information on pub.client:http.

Thanks mcarlson I am using http from pub.client.http but seems there is some other issue as I tried to post the same data to TOMCAT and it works where as when I post it to IIS5.0 it fails with error code as 500.

The flow is WM 6.0.1 ----> IIS 5.0. We are trying to replicate what a HTML form would normally do while doing a file upload using WM.

Any inputs are highly appreciated.


Couldn’t quite understand you. Can you elaborate a bit on what it is you are trying to do? Are you trying to build DSP? Do you have a HTML form using which you want to submit data to an IS service? What are you exactly trying to achieve?