How to reorder meny entries in the MWS menu


we have some fabric task folders which are then displayed as MWS menu entries (in the left part of the screen). Say, we have the following structure:

Parent Folder

  • MenuEntry A
  • MenuEntry B
  • MenuEntry C

I’d like to reorder the menu entries within “Parent Folder” so that B stands before A. I.e. the new sequence should be B, A, C.

How can I do this?

I logged into MWS as sysadmin and went to the fabric tasks, but in their properties I cound not find anything that would set / determine the position of an entry within its parent.

Any hints?


The Left Navigation items are sorted based on the DBIDs of the MWS assets and the DBIDs are generated in the order they are created.

If you are manually creating the left navigation assets, you should ensure that they create the assets in you required order.

The best practice to avoid inconsistencies is to create an xmlImport.xml file and define the assets.

I have attached one sample xmlImport.xml file for your reference.

Let me know if you need more infromation.

Thanks & Regards

xmlImport.xml (6.76 KB)

Vinay, thank you for the response!

Your file (I assume you got it by exporting from the Designer’s MWS admin view) contains the attribute “sortID” for some nodes. Do you know whether they matter, where the are stored and how to edit them for existing nodes?