how to reject login if the user has already logged on in other browser tab??

how to reject login if the user has already logged on in other browser tab??

Could display a Error message for this and block the complete portal?

I would advise against doing that since it would be very difficult to do reliably and there is no real security benefit from limiting the number of active user sessions.

I have a problem

when a user attempts to modify two different instances of the same app the data is corrupted and mixed both instances

I don’t think restricting login is the right solution for that problem. For example, if the user closes the browser without logging out (or the browser crashes), the session is still alive on the server until it times out. If you have code that restricts the login if the user is already logged in, then the user would not be able to login again until the old session times out (30 minutes by default).

Perhaps you could broadcast a custom event when something is modified in another session. Then listen for that event and auto-refresh the portlet (or notify the user with an alert).

Thanks Eric for your answer!

How I can I know if a change is made in another session?

I don’t really know enough about your application to comment on when the app data has changed.

Presumably, when the user hits the save or apply button to persist the changes, you could raise an event at that point.

Is it possible to check if the user has more than one session open?

also able to show an alert message in the app initialize and hide all components of this

There is probably a way to check that, but in the end you would have the same problem as with restricting logins. How would you know which session is the one that should be allowed to edit the app data?

In the first session the application runs normally

if you are logged hidden all components from the render with a boolean variable read in Initialize()

Could it work?

I can’t see how that could work reliably. It would get confusing if the user refreshes the page to determine which session is allowed to edit.

I’m blocked, I can not think how to do this

users work with multiple browser tabs and I have no way to block or prevent