how to read statistics log

I want to read the info in stats log.
But as it is being represented with 16 digit system, I can’t understand it.
How can I interpret the info in stats log?
Or can I transform the info into the easier form to understand?

I crave your answer. Thank you.

Sorry. I forgot. I asked about webMethods B2B 4.0.

I am new to Advantage so that would explain a response a month later… but I do this alot in B2B 3.6… so if the stats.log is still Hex, I download and put into excell and do a Hex2Dec conversion on the columns… There is probably a more creative way but it does work.

I can only wish that stats monitored swap space and cpu as well as free mem. Maybe it does in 4.x…


We are not currently doing this in production, but it does work.

I wrote a service called getStatsLog which does exactly what you suggest, and I am getting the following error:

Could not run ‘getStatsLog’. Service ‘wm.server.query:getStats’ is not allowed to be invoked (not defined in file services.cnf under package config directory) [EDICOR.000010.000632]

Can you help at all ?

Where can I find out how to read the statistics log.

The following article:

Explains what the various fields in the stats log mean. Some of the values are in hex [eg. total memory) so you may want to convert them to decimal for ease of reading.