How to read output text value and set it to input text inside async table

Hi All,

I Would like to read the data from html output text of the content provider result( async table data) and set the same value to my html input text inside the same content provider.

Please help me out on this.

can you explain your use case in more detail?

Hi ,

I want a mechnansim to update a selected row column values manually, if i dont want to update, actual column value should be preserved , for this scenario, i am using the below steps.

I would like to update the selected row data from async table into data base.

My scenario is having two content providers,

First content provider is having actual table data and 2nd content provider is having only the selected rows from the first table .

I wolud like to edit the selected rows colum values from the 2nd content provider to update the data into databse.

To achieving this secnario, I have inserted html input text for all the standard columns in the entire selected row , so i would like to read(get) the html out put text value from all the standard columns from the entire row and set the same to html input text for all the colums in the selected row.