How to read messages with "weird" field names


in the Integration Server, I have a publishable document type that has some fields having a colon in their names, e.g. my:field. The document type has EncodingType=“Protocol buffers” and is associated with a connection alias of type “Universal Mesasging”.

When I synchronize the document type with the messaging provider (from the Designer), I get the message

warningMessage: [ISC.0107.9014] Cannot create field ‘my:field’ in publishable document type ‘my.doc:DocType’; this field name is not valid for use with protocol buffer encoding. The Universal Messaging provider will transport the field contents, which will be visible to Integration Server clients only.

I understand the message.

When I publish (send) such document to Universal Messaging I can receive it and also can see the bytes contents of the field my:field.

The question is: Is it possible to decode these bytes (i.e. read separate fields of the message) if I’m not in the context of the Integration Server? In the bytes, I see something like (interspersed with null bytes).

Thank you!


You could write some google protobuf coder to parse the stream received from UM. But in your case, if that particular field is used as a filter (provider filter), that might not work for you as that is not as per protocol buffer definition naming conventions.