How to read a file?


we have an own settings file and we want to read it, what is the right/best way to do this? We have tried simply with“name.ext”) but this seems to be wrong, isn’t it?

Thanks in advance


there are two ways:

(1) through the file system. Via the “Params.getApplicationDircectoryName()” you can get the directory path into the webapplication and then read via file IO. BUT: this is not recommended! It is only supported with servlet engines supporting file access - e.g. JBoss will have problems.

(2) through the servlet context. The servlet context provides the possibility to access all files of the web application. We hava a wrapper class for accessing the servlet context which is WebResourceReader. You pass as parameter the path within your web applciation (e.g. “WEB-INF/web.xml”) and receive back the content.

For “serious” J2EE implementation only (2) is an option! (1) must only be used in case you are sure forever to live in a Tomcat environment. Only (2) still works with cluster scenarios!

Hope this helps…


Thanks! Second way seems to be exactly what we’ve bin looking for!