How to post from a form to TN directly

Im having problems posting from an HTML form directly to TN. Im trying to POST to the service but the XML is always unmatched. Send the same XML from the TNConsole and it works. Looks like the content comes in as application/x-wmidatabin even after I specify the content type in the form…

Any ideas on what I need to do to post an XML directly to TN???

If you are posting XML directly to TN from a third party client such as a web client (browser), you must post to a variable named $xmldata, or else, the document will not be recognized. This is somewhere in the manual.

Other work arounds for this is to post to a pre-receiving service and set a content type that will then submit to TN.

If you are using a webMethods custom client, use the TContext class and the variables can have any name.

You can also put the XML as the body of the post (e.g. not using name/value pairs) as long as you set the content type (text/xml).

The problem is that in HTML forms you cannot set the content type to text/xml. So when posting from web forms the only way is to set the $xmldata variable.

I’ve not tried it myself, but if I understand correctly, the new enhanced WWW forms specification - XForms - lets you post XML document like a proper XML client (no CGI variables required, content type set to ‘text/xml’.)

XForms is a W3C recommendation. There are plug-ins for IE available. More info at:

That’s right Rupinder. Should’ve put that caveat in my post. Thanks for catching that.

Hi! Ray,

Is it compulsory to have the XML posted to TN from an external partner using $xmldata. Is it possible to handle with some other variable.
One of my client needs to have some other variable.


Hello Everybody,
How do i post a CIDX document with Rosettanet envelope to the TN. I do have the authorization but I don’t know how to post it. Is there a form where in I can paste the content and submit it. Please let me know
Thank You