How to pick the records from source table,map to documents and publish on to Broker?

Hi all,
Can anyone guide me ,how to do the below process. I have no idea regarding the below requirement. pls guide me.

1)The main service Should pick the records from the source table when WM_Process_Flag= N.

2)Once the records are picked successfully,Update the WM_Process_Flag=P.

3)Map all the records to a canonical document.

[FONT=Verdana]4)Publish the canonical document on to the broker.

Thanking you…[/font]


You can run any flow service as a schedule service, so below steps should be followed

  • Create an adapter service which can query your table based on WM_Process_Flag= N
  • Create an adapter service to modify records in your table to set WM_Process_Flag=Y based on any key.
  • Create a canonical doc as per your need.
  • Create a flow service and schedule it at reguler interval. Use above created adapter services to fetch and update records from the table.

Hi amar_4h,

Thanks for your reply,
I have just 2 months of experience in webmethods, so pls help me regarding this in detail,like how to proceed for the sample process that i have posted previously.

I have configured Jdbc Adapter connections and also created a sample table and in the Developer tool i have created a AdapterService and inserted values into the table. I have run the application and i am able to see the ouput.

After this i am not getting idea how to proceed.

so pls giude me what i have to do after the process what i have done upto now.

Thank u once again for sparing ur valuable time for me.

Hari prasad.