how to pass mediator predefined context variable in native service http header

I am trying to pass mediator predefined context variable INBOUND_IP in native service http header but no luck, anyone experienced this issue?

I’m interested in passing a custom http header to native services containining the consumer application.
Has someone found the way to achieve this?

You want to go through Mediator?

yes, we call the native services through Wm Mediator

you have to create the flow service(for example: x) and need to call two services inside that

In the first step use the pub.mediator.ctxvar:getContextVariable service to get the INBOUND_IP. In the second step use the pub.mediator.ctxvar:setContextVariable to set an HTTP Header variable. For example, use a varName of PROTOCOL_HEADERS[MyClientIP] to create and set an HTTP Header called MyClientIP

Set the flow service(x) as an “Invoke webMethods Integration Server” in the Receive for the Message Flow for the virtual service in Centrasite. When the virtual service is called, the flow service will be run and an HTTP Header will be created and sent to the Native service. It will be upto the native service to know to look for this variable in the HTTP Header.

Great!!! Thank you!